Condensed Milk and Cream

Condensed milk and cream are obtained by partial evaporation of water from fresh whole milk or cream, which occurs without any chemicals. Our promotional program offers two basic products in this product line.

Unsweetened condensed milk is long life milk, which is 2 - 2.5 times concentrated. Long shelf life for several months is achieved by sterilization. It is usually produced as whole milk with content of dry matter from 26 to 31% and with fat content 8 - 9%.

The second variant is sweetened condensed milk. This is again a 2 - 2.5 times condensed concentrate, where long life is achieved by adding sugar syrup, which forms in the product hypertonic environment. The resulting sugar content in the product is more than 40% and the dry matter of the product ranges from 74 - 75%. The product has a very high viscosity.

The advantage of condensed milk, besides its delicate taste, rests a considerable amount of calcium, which is so important to the human body. Fresh milk is considered probably the most significant source of minerals and the same applies to unsweetened condensed milk for 250 percent. It contains two and half times more of it than whole milk. Sweetened products may have no flavour, but they are also often flavoured with, for example, cocoa and caramel, but the alternative is also vanilla blancmange, which suits especially for decorating sweet desserts.

Condensed milk has a variety of uses. Unsweetened milk allows preparing restored milk; for restaurants are useful sweetened variants as well as cream. Products packaged in tubes are then convenient type of food "on the go", which is particularly popular with the younger population.