Milk and Cream

Drinking milk and cream may be divided to pasteurized, referred to as fresh, and long life, according to the heat treatment and thus the durability of the finished product. Long life products suit better for countries with warmer climate. The principle of their production is high-heat treatment that inactivates all the present micro-organisms including spores and most enzymes. There are two possible procedures for the treatment: the sterilization in an outside package at a temperature from 115 to 120°C for 20 - 30 minutes or the heat treatment UHT without outside package (Ultra Hight Temperature), which is a continuous heating to a temperature of 135 - 150°C lasting several seconds, followed by aseptic filling. The advantage of these products is the possibility of their storage and distribution without refrigeration (recommended temperature is 24°C, compared to 4 - 8°C for pasteurized milk), and their shelf life is prolonged usually to 4 - 5 months. After opening, of course, it is necessary to preserve the unused product in the refrigerator.

From the nutritional point of view there is no fundamental difference between fresh and long-life milk. Both represent especially important source of calcium and protein. There is no significant difference in content of vitamins and minerals.

In our campaign you find particularly UHT flavoured milk, which is designed primarily for children and school children. It is produced like unflavoured UHT milk, as a flavouring ingredient are mostly used vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate flavours. Besides the vitamins and minerals contained in milk, they additionally contain sugar beet sucrose or grape sugar, which supply the body with the necessary energy and sweeten the resulting product. The products are also fortified with calcium and vitamin D, which are important for proper bone development.

For adults, we offer a delicious ice coffee, which both saturates and pleasantly refreshes in warm weather.

The program also presents a long life coffee cream. This is again a modern convenient product designed to "whiten" coffee and soften its taste. Coffee cream typically contains 10-12% fat and is usually marketed as durable, with the shelf life of several months.